Bake the Bread

by tabithapang

It is the summer of making things from scratch!

Instead of spreading the cheese, (wink wink to my running buddies) I decided to bake the bread. Soft and fluffy asian milk bread no less.


It’s 3am. One loaf of bread, by hand, is 5 hours. But the house smells delicious. And my ladies will hopefully love it or at the very least, say they love me.

Cooking amplifies, joy. Slows it down, sharpens it, allows you to taste it.

Whatever it is I’m making, the entire process of cooking, from start to finish, provides me with exactly what I need to remember that everything is just fine, just as it is. Instead of choosing to doubt, worry, or wither, I choose to mix, knead, and rise. 

The Recipes:  Tangzhong and Milk Bread.